Sunday, September 9, 2012

Option Open Interest for 08-09-2012

Weekend trading saw the bulls on a buying binge with Nifty seeing a high of 5366, but adjusted downwards at 5358.70, still a good gain of 16.60 points in 90 min trading session. On a week on week basis the index gained 100.2 points of approx 1.91%. The Option Table ended the week with 5300PE writers in full control and 5300CE writers liquidating fast and now 5300 looks like a good base for the next part of up-move.
  • Call option 5400-5700 added 2.67 lacs huge amount of OI, with huge liquidation seen at 5300 and below strike prices.
  • Put Option 5500-5300, 5100 added 9.40 lacs huge amount of OI, with huge profit booking seen at 4900 and below strike prices.
  • Highest accumulation on Call option 5400 at 67.3 lacs & 5600 at 67.3 lacs whereas Put option 5200 at 77.9 lacs & 5300 at 60.7 lacs.
  • Nifty Open Interest is at 1,87,34,850 up by 2,02,550 with increase in price, most probably huge long build-up.
  • Bank Nifty Open Interest is at 16,20,750 ip by 10,625 with increase in price, most probably long build-up.
  • FII’s bought 38 thousand Futures, most probably longs as their net OI increased by 38 thousand, and their average price per contract comes to around 5211.
  • FII’s future open contract as on date is 3.945 lacs.
  • PCR Open Interest (Volume) has started moving up and now at 1.072, still not above secure territory.
  • Support now at 5300 with huge OI of above 60.6 lacs and below that at 5200 with highest OI of 77.9 lacs.
  • Resistance still very good at 5400 with huge OI of 67.3 lacs and above that at 5500-5600 with OI above 64 lacs in each.
  • Range as per Option Table is 5312 -5400 and as per VIX is 5317 - 5400 with 5340 as the Pivot.
Option Call for 10-09-2012

India VIX : 14.76 down by 0.50 points
Call OI : 34948350
Put OI : 37477500
PCR OI : 1.072
SMR : 13.76 (Bullish: Option Table turning Bullish, but higher levels are still very much under control of the Bulls, but the momentum may carry them higher next week...)

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