Saturday, July 25, 2015

Option Open Interest for 24-07-2015

The Index opened flat to negative and stayed negative for the entire session of trade with huge sell-off seen in the last hour of trade to close near the lows 8521.55, loss of 68.25 points. The broader market was weak, with 573 advances to 947 declines. The range as per OI table is 8300-8700.
  • Call option 8500-8700 added huge 30.31 lacs OI with profit booking seen at 8900 and above strike prices.
  • No Put option added any OI whereas huge short covering seen at 8500 and above strike prices.
  • Nifty Open Interest is at 1,99,66,200 down by 7,11,250, whereas August series added 4.77 lacs with decrease in price, most probably rollover with huge long liquidation.
  • Bank Nifty Open Interest is at 18,37,400 up by 19,400, whereas August series added 0.59 lacs with decrease in price, most probably short build-up.
  • FII’s sold 1.93 lacs Futures, which includes 12465 contracts long liquidation and 4738 contracts short covering, with decrease in net OI by 17203 contracts (includes 65903 longs to 73630 shorts for the day) and the Average Price comes to 8674.77.
  • FII’s Index future open contract as on date is 687394 Longs to 227891 Shorts, Net Long 459503 contracts.
  • Initial and best support stays at 8500, with OI of 55.96 lacs and below that at 8400 with OI of 40.12 lacs.
  • Initial strong resistance at 8600, with OI of 53.19 lacs and above that at 8700 with highest OI of 58.11 lacs.
  • Day Range as per Option Table is 8469 - 8603 and as per VIX is 8453 - 8591 with 8541 as the Pivot.
India VIX : 15.46 up by 0.06 points
Call OI : 35436650
Put OI : 45530025
PCR OI : 1.285
SMR : 12.03 (Bearish : Bears are back with higher levels now out of bounds till expiry, best support still around 8500 with PCR comfortably placed at 1.285, Sell on Rise...)

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