Thursday, July 26, 2012

Option Open Interest for 26-07-2012

The index opened up but was sold off to just below 5100 and remained there for the better part of the day, and when it seemed that we are going to see a very dull expiry, all hell broke loose. As 5080 on the downside was broken, the 5100PE Writers panicked and Nifty saw a huge sell-off to the lows of the day around 5030. Nifty for the day closed weak at 5043.00 a huge loss of 66.60 points very close to the psychological level of 5000. At start of the series, the Option OI Table seems to have made a base around 5000 level, need to keep a watch for the next few days.
  • Call option 4900-5700 added 49.5 lacs huge amount of OI, with small addition at lower strike prices.
  • Put Option 5300-4700 added 51.2 lacs huge amount of OI, with small liquidation seen at 5400 strike price.
  • Highest accumulation on Call option 5200 at 38.2 lacs & 5500 at 36.8 lacs whereas Put option 5000 at 72 lacs & 4900 at 41 lacs.
  • Nifty Open Interest is at 2,05,46,600 up by 51,92,650 with decrease in price, 100% rolled over from July with huge short build-up.
  • Bank Nifty Open Interest is at 26,04,925 up by 4,33,825 with increase in price, 100% rolled over from July with huge short build-up.
  • FII’s sold huge 8.29 lacs Futures, most probably long liquidation, as their OI also decreased by 1.09 crore, and their average price per contract comes to around 5043.
  • FII’s future open contract as on date is 4.41 lacs.
  • PCR Open Interest (Volume) is comfortably placed at 1.286.
  • Huge Support at 5000 with OI above 72.04 lacs.
  • Resistance at 5200, with OI of 38.16 lacs.
  • Range as per Option Table is 5012 -5122 and as per VIX is 5000 - 5086 with 5070 as the Pivot.
Option Call for 27-07-2012
Buy Nifty 5100CE above 103 for targets of 118, 145 SL - 99
Buy Nifty 5000PE above 72 for targets of 81, 91 SL - 65

India VIX : 16.37 down by 0.38 points
Call OI : 24855300
Put OI : 31960950
PCR OI : 1.286
SMR : 12.73 (Neutral to Bearish: At the start of a new long series, it seems like a base at 5000 is in place...)

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